IT Procurement Services Templates

Statements of work, vendor management and mature
purchasing processes and flows are keys to many
successful project. Effective procurement makes a
significant contribution to delivering efficient and effective
services at an appropriate cost, through having a clear and
agreed policy in relation to the way the organizations goes
about procuring works, goods and services which will:

  • Produce better value (quality and costs)

  • Provide a consistent and overall approach to
    commissioning and purchasing

  • Enable more effective monitoring of procurement and

  • Enable processes and activities to be more joined up

  • Centralizes and minimizes license and renewal costs

  • Make a more effective contribution to the social,
    environmental and economic well-being of the your

This collection 36 professional subject matter illustrated
document solutions facilitate the collection, analysis, design,
processing, management and reporting of your
procurement processes:

  • Billing Charter.doc
  • Capturing Requirments.ppt
  • Computer Acquisitions Request Form.doc
  • Contract Agreement.vsd
  • COT Supplier Processing.vsd
  • Data Flow Sample.ppt
  • Decision Flow Chart.xls
  • Evaluating a Product Overview.doc
  • Evaluating a product.doc
  • Horizontal Cross-Functional Flowchart.vsd
  • Increase Revenue.xls
  • Integrated Service Planning Framework.vsd
  • IT Investment Portfolio.vsd
  • IT Systems Conversion Plan Template.doc
  • Lower Cost.xls
  • MAS-Purchasing Cycle.doc
  • Order Flow.vsd
  • Procurement 1.vsd
  • Procurement 2.vsd
  • Procurement Strategies.vsd
  • Procurement Team Project.doc
  • Procurement.doc
  • Procurement.vsd
  • Product Development Business case.doc
  • Product Selection Strategy.vsd
  • Sales Management Process.ppt
  • Sales Process Sample.vsd
  • Sales Proposal Flow Diagram.vsd
  • Strategic Planning For Procurement.doc
  • Supplier Agreement Management Requirements.xls
  • Supply Chain Management.vsd
  • Target Service.vsd
  • Vendor Questions.doc
  • Vendor Service Purchase Flow.vsd
  • Scope Of Work Template.doc
  • IT Systems Conversion Plan.xls
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