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IT Roles and Responsibility Templates

The perfect way to professionalize your Digital Rights
Management, Identity and Access Management and Data
demographic assessment deliverables and impress your
customers with this excellent collection of 45 professional
illustrated subject matter solutions facilitate the collection,
analysis, design, test, processing and management

  • Access and Technology.vsd
  • Access Control Models 5 pages.vsd
  • Access controls.mmap
  • Board of Directors Report Template.doc
  • Business Architecture.vsd
  • Business to Functional Matching.vsd
  • Data Loss Preventions Process.vsd
  • Defining Business Boundaries.doc
  • Digital Rights Management Flow.vsd
  • Director of Risk Management.vsd
  • Draft Security Charter.doc
  • DRM DMZ HL Arch.vsd
  • DRM Rights View.vsd
  • Enterprise Content Management.vsd
  • Executive Support Policy.doc
  • Executive Support.xls
  • File Metadata Attributes.vsd
  • Flow.vsd
  • Global Policies View.vsd
  • High Level Digital Rights Management Architecture.vsd
  • How does RMD and RMC.vsd
  • IAM Sample Flow.vsd
  • ISO & IT Responsibilities.vsd
  • Logical view of data assets.vsd
  • Mission Structure, and Objectives.ppt
  • Provisioning Roles and Rules.mmap
  • RBAC.mpp
  • Regulatory Report Template.doc
  • Rights case study.vsd
  • Rights Content Spectrum.vsd
  • Risk Committee Charter.doc
  • Risk Management Department.vsd
  • Risk Management Division.doc
  • Risk Management Roles and Responsibilities.doc
  • RMC Training Session.doc
  • Role Engineering.mpp
  • Role Management.mpp
  • Sample Risk Management Department.vsd
  • Security Program Framework.doc
  • Security Program Ownership.doc
  • Security Program Risk Committee Responsibility.doc
  • Security Program- Roles and Responsibilities.doc
  • Senior Risk Officer.vsd
  • Web Roles and Responsibilities.doc
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